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Why use dovetailed drawers?

Because dovetailed drawers speak of Quality! 

Any perspective customer shopping for a cabinet or a kitchen and bathroom remodel will invariably open the drawers and check them out.  They will recognize dovetailed joints; they won't have to be experts or carpenters to know that a dovetailed drawer is just better.   A dovetailed drawer says the craftsman took time to care about his/her work.  It's not a drawer stapled together with butt-joints; it won't fall apart.  It is sound, it is solid, it is beautiful.  And it is a step up in craftsmanship that you can offer over your competition, at very competitive price!


Species of Wood:Alder and Baltic Birch dovetailed drawers

Currently we build drawers by default out of imported Baltic Birch ply (9 ply).  However, we will custom order to any species available: maple, oak, walnut, cherry, apple ply, even melamine.  To the right, you see an example of birch ply (on the left) and a stack of alder drawers (on the right).  Alder offers a very warm honey color.  Russian birch can sometimes have a beautiful grain which comes out strikingly with a finish of lacquer.  Each species comes at a different price, based on availability, with the birch ply and alder being least expensive, natural eastern maple a bit more, etc. 


We'll build them to fit your needs.  Typically our drawers have been 22" long, from 4" to 50" wide, and from 3" to 9" high  We use 1/2" or 5/8" material in all drawer sides.  Bottoms by default come with 1/4" bottoms grooved into place (and glued in place or left floating at your option).  1/2" bottoms or melamine bottoms available upon request.  The 1/4" bottom material is A3 Import ply, which can offer a very nice grain pattern.  By default our 1/2" bottom is the Russian birch ply (9 ply).

How they Come:

Drawers are fully assembled and finished.  The corner joints are glued, the bottom is glued in place or left floating, your preference (remodelers often like drawer bottoms left floating so they can rack the drawer if need to fit an un-square drawer slot.)

They come with two coats of lacquer sprayed on: a sealer coat and a finish coat.  The lacquer used is rated for food and kitchen use.  By default we lacquer all inside surfaces, and the outside side surfaces.  Front and back are left without a finish plate or lacquer.

However, if you need a price break or are the do-it-yourself type; we can leave them for you to assemble and finish.



Drawers range in price (for alder and Russian birch) from $17.40 on up to $54.00 depending on size.  Custom work adds to the price depending on need.  We offer the most competitive pricing we know about.  Call us with your specific drawer sizing and needs and we'll give you more detail.  Call Jerry at (206) 851-4338, or email to info@WoodenThumbs.net.   If you have an email address, we can send you a price list and provide you with an order form.  You can email it or fax it back to us.

By the way, it's not just about drawers you know.  We've done special projects for folks just needing a good set of dovetailed boxes for a project they were doing.

Payment and Delivery:

We prefer for first time customers a small deposit, with the balance required at delivery.  If you become an ongoing customer, we can arrange payment after delivery and wave the deposit.  If you are located near Salem, Oregon, we can deliver.  We generally deliver about a week to ten days after the order; but we can hold an order or rush one, depending on size of order and existing orders in the shop at the time.  If you're not local to Salem we can ship an order anywhere in the U.S.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or would like to make an order, please contact us:

Snail mail address:

    Wooden Thumbs.

    3024 Crooked Finger Rd. NE.

    Scotts Mills, OR 97375




        (206) 851-4338


         (Please call for faxing instruction, and no solicitations PLEASE!)

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